How Does a Leaf Blower Work?

There are a lot of uses of a leaf blower aside from gathering autumn leaves. It is the main reason why this powerful tool has been a staple to all Canadian households for generations. 

Leaf blowers are a convenient and multipurpose gardening tool for yard maintenance. It propels air through a nozzle helping you gather all your backyard leaves, debris, and grass cuttings quickly. Using a backpack leaf blower is a more practical choice than a rake. And using a commercial leaf blower makes cleaning larger areas easier.

Leaf blower and rake comparison. Schröder USA

If you haven’t tried using one yet, learning how it works and the blower basics should be your #1 priority. Read on!

Which type of leaf blower do you own

Before using your backpack leaf blower, determine what type it is first. Gas-powered backpack leaf blower models have their power source in 2 or 4 stroke engines. You need to learn how your equipment works. I recommend reading the instruction manual included in the box.

If you have a gas type, you will need to understand the ratio and percentage of oil and gas.

The basic principles of how a leaf blower works

The gas-powered backpack leaf blower engines are designed for power and precision. They use centrifugal force to blow air through the nozzle and move leaves, small wood, and other particles. 

The motor propels the blower fan to spin, drawing air from the outside and pushing it out through a long air tube. Because of the centrifugal force, the air pressure builds up and gets forced out. The impeller is the one responsible for turning the power of your backpack leaf blower into moving air.

The airspeed of your leaf blower is identified by CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. CFM measures the volume of air produced by your leaf blower for each minute.

After building enough air pressure, the powerful air is pushed out to the outlet nozzle. It makes leaves, small wood and stones, and other particles move. The outlet nozzle is the one that helps you control the direction or angle of the powerful air.

Man working with leaf blower in the park moving glass and leaves.  Schröder USA

It is usually the overlooked component, but it is essential. Some leaf blowers come with different sizes of nozzles which can be used for various applications.

Power source of a leaf blower

The power source of a leaf blower is gas and oil.

The motor of the backpack blower is the one that powers the impeller, the one responsible for producing strong air blown through the nozzle. Gas-powered backpack leaf blower models use a combination of oil and gas (to know the exact percentage, check the manual included in your leaf blower) to power the engine. These commercial leaf blower models are best for large areas to save time and make the job easier.

Furthermore, gas-powered leaf blowers need a spark plug, exhaust system, muffler, carburetor, and a starting mechanism to work properly. These things add to the weight of the machine, making them heavier. Also, because your backpack leaf blower is burning oil and gas, there will be exhaust fumes and louder noise produced by the combustion. 

This type is usually bigger and heavier, but it offers more power compared to electric types. But with continuous innovation, gas leaf blowers are now available in different styles, sizes, and price ranges. Gas-powered commercial leaf blower models are available in 2 or 4 stroke engines. And there are handheld, backpack, and walk-behind types, as well. 

Worker using a leaf blower in the garden or commercial space. Schröder USA

Whatever type of leaf blower you have, before using it, we recommend reading the instructions manual first or trying it out with someone who knows how to operate it. This way, you can decrease the chances of any accidents happening.

In addition, a backpack leaf blower is a powerful tool. You will need to wear proper attire and personal protective equipment (PPE) before using it. Wearing earplugs or muffs is very important to help protect your ears. While gloves, goggles, and masks will help protect your hands, nose, and eyes from any flying debris or dust.

Are you ready to clean after your leaf blower job is done?

Now that you know how a leaf blower works choose a model that works for your next job or project. At Schröder USA, we guarantee 100% service and product satisfaction with our backpack leaf blower. Our specialized team can help you choose the right leaf blower for your residential or commercial needs. Visit our leaf blower collection or contact us to get started!