4 Reasons to Use a Gas Leaf Blower This Summer 2022

It’s summer once again, which means dirty walkways and porches. You might be wondering whether it’s time to purchase and use the most powerful leaf blower. After all, you’re tired of cleaning up the traditional way which takes a lot longer time, especially if you are using a rake. If only, all these leaves could be cleaned up in an instant… 

That’s all possible with a leaf blower, and it might be one of the best investments you’ll have this year! 

A leaf blower is used all year round for cleaning up grass clippings and hedge trimmings off paths, and clear gutters.

Clean freshly cut grass with a gas leaf blower. Schröder USA

Many people prefer a gas leaf blower since it is a powerful option with numerous advantages. For instance, electric leaf blowers are lighter and less expensive, but gas leaf blowers are more efficient and can do the task faster. 

If you need more convincing, we’ve listed the 4 reasons to use a gas leaf blower this summer. 

1. Clear a large area quickly with a gas leaf blower

A gas leaf blower is the best leaf blower. It’s more powerful with a wind speed of 150+ mph - a big difference from an electric leaf blower that only runs 50 - 100 mph. It also works well in everything from patios to garages, to yards, and driveways. This leaf blower also works for a longer time, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating and stopping blowing. 

2. Save time and energy with a gas leaf blower

Because this is the most powerful leaf blower, you’ll be getting things done in no time. With its wind speed, imagine clearing up patios in an instant with a gas leaf blower. You only need to run through its nozzle onto the area and it would sweep the dirt the quickest way possible. Compared to manually using rakes or brushes, this commercial leaf blower would save you time and energy. In fact, the only energy you have to exert is carrying the leaf blower itself. 

3. Less damage to grass with gas leaf blowers

Using a heavy rake to remove leaves and debris can remove live grass from the soil. It also compacts the soil, which could contribute to poor turf grass growth in the long run. Besides, raking is a daunting task, especially if you have to clean a large area with plenty of trees. A backpack leaf blower will clear dirt, leaves, and debris efficiently without damaging the grass.

A gas leaf blower is efficient in cleaning leaves, dirt, and debris. Schröder USA

4. Multipurpose options with a gas leaf blower

A gas leaf blower is not only used in cleaning up leaves on your lawn, or dirt from your patios. There are many alternative uses for a leaf blower. It can also be used as a snow remover or blower, as well as to dry your car, clean your dryer vent, clean car interiors, blow water, or clear eavestrough to name a few. Our Schröder backpack leaf blower model SR-9900X 80cc can do even more!

Safety Tips for Using a Gas Leaf Blower

Please remember these basic safety precautions when using your leaf blower. When in doubt, it’s always best to refer to your instruction manual for detailed guidance to operate a safe blower before using it.

  • Keep your leaf blower away from children. Don’t let any children use a leaf blower. 
  • Operating from a ladder, rooftop, tree, or another unstable surface is not recommended. To reach high spots, use the nozzle attachments.
  • If you're sleepy, tired, or unwell, or if you are on medication, or have used drugs or alcohol, do not operate a leaf blower.
  • Do not use a leaf blower for cleaning up the following: gravel or gravel dust in large quantities, dirt for construction, plaster dust, concrete and cement dust, and dry garden topsoil. 
  • If using a gas leaf blower, ensure that you are wearing proper attire that includes hearing protection (ear plugs or earmuffs), glasses to protect the eyes, and work gloves. If choosing an attire, avoid scarfs, necklaces, jewelry, and loose jackets - anything that might get sucked into the air inlet.
  • Handle the gas carefully. To begin, make sure you're using the proper gasoline blend. For mixing information and a thorough walk-through of the correct fueling technique, check your product's instruction manual.
  • Make sure the blower is clean and dry, and the engine is switched off after you have the right combination. Once done, put your gasoline in a properly labeled secured container in a well-ventilated area. 

Worker using a gas leaf blower with safety gear. Schröder USA

With our backpack leaf blower, Schröder USA guarantees 100% service and product satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the best leaf blower for your personal or commercial needs.

If you are wondering where to start, here’s our collection of the best gas leaf blower for your next project.