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SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model SR-9900X 80cc

A light and compact but powerful back pack blower for all seasons!

Our powerful heavy-duty leaf blower can be used as an industrial leaf blower or for non-commercial purposes. The perfect combination of outstanding features, compact design, and powerful engine, all in the Schröder SR-9900X back pack blower!

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Item Weight 22 Pounds (9.98 kg)
Air Speed 270 MPH
Air Volume 980 CFM
Power Source Gas powered
Engine 80 cc, 2-stroke 4.7 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 75 oz / 2.2 L
Fuel Mix Ratio 50:1

Why Choose Schröder SR-9900X Back Pack Blower?

The Most Reliable, Powerful, And Ultra-light Back Pack Blower You Need

Introducing a powerful heavy-duty tool for industrial application, the SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model: SR-9900X 80cc! It is designed by the famous SCHRÖDER Germany, a company known to make power tools that can be used for industrial purposes.

Packed with an outstanding two-stroke 80 CC engine, this leaf blower can generate up to 4.7 HP to provide efficient and refined performance. It can blow up air up to 270 MPH which is ideal for both residential and industrial applications. This backpack leaf blower has a very high airflow rating — compared to other leaf blowers — of 980 CFM. Meaning you can gather and blow out dried leaves quickly and more efficiently.

Its tank can hold up to 75 oz of fuel mixture so you won't have to refill every few minutes!

Get The Most Out Of Your Money With Schröder Back Pack Blower And FREE Shipping

Schröder provides fast and reliable shipping! We collaborated with FedEx Air to transport and deliver your Schröder SR-9900X back pack blower to make sure it arrives at your doorstep in a good condition. Check your items and give your leaf blower a try; you'll be impressed by its powerful engine and quick airspeed without producing too much noise.

The pricing for our backpack leaf blowers is very competitive. And when you compare the price tag for SR 9900X with all the other leaf blowers in the same price range, you will realize you are getting more than what you paid for. Because of all the excellent features and applications of this backpack blower!

"More powerful and lighter! All in all I would recommend this blower to anyone."
David H.

The Schröder Back Pack Blower Is Lightweight, Compact, And Comfortable To Use

The unit has a soft and sturdy harness for added comfort and portability. You can carry SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model: SR-9900X 80cc around without fatigue in your arms because your whole back and body are the ones carrying the unit. In addition, this back pack blower is only 22 pounds making it easier to carry around on your back. It also comes with padded straps to decrease the strain and stress on your shoulders and evenly distribute the weight to your shoulders and back.

"The quality of the Schröder is the best I’ve seen and the harness is top drawer for comfort and support."
Robert H.

Powerful Back Pack Blower Assembled By Experts To Provide Great Service

SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model: SR-9900X 80cc is assembled by experts using high-quality parts and materials to ensure top-quality units. In addition, when you purchase this powerful leaf blower, you will have a 5-year warranty. We will deliver your back pack blower when they are ready! Our backpack gas leaf blower is assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality.

You can contact us by filling out our contact form or calling us through our toll-free number 1-800-381-1406. We always have friendly customer service representatives on standby to answer all your heavy duty leaf blower questions.

Because we are so confident in Schröder leaf blower! We provide 45 days of FREE return shipping with a full refund if you are eligible.

"Love it!!! It's beast and the price is amazing!!"
Matthew H.

Why you need a back pack blower?

Less Effort, Save Time, And Finish Your Cleaning Quickly With A Back Pack Blower

The main reason why many homeowners use a back pack blower is the convenience it brings. When you are cleaning and gathering all the dried and wet debris in your yard, lawn, and garden, it usually takes a few hours to a whole day to execute the task, depending on the size of your property. Not all people have the energy stamina, and time to spe,nd hours cleaning their property. You can call your cleaning service provider but there are certain seasons when they might be too busy. But if you have the best leaf blower in your home, you can do the cleaning yourself without spending too much time and effort. You can also save money in the long run!

Look After Your Lawn And Grass, More Conveniently If You Have A Back Pack Blower

The grass in your garden and lawn is very delicate. They need to be taken care of and removed properly in order to not agitate their roots. However, if you use a rake or brush, the roots of the grass tend to rip and some parts will be left on your soil. This is very counterproductive and will take a lot of time and energy. Also, the grass will just regrow if they are not properly removed up to its roots. But if you use a back pack blower, you can remove all the grass on your lawn without getting your hands dirty. Also, you will have less cleaning to do after!

Clean Even The Toughest To Reach Places With Ease By Using A Back Pack Blower

A back pack blower has a long reach because of all the attachments included in the package. All these attachments can be used to easily and conveniently direct where the air produced by your powerful backpack blower. In addition, the attachments have different sizes and lengths. So, you can choose the one that will make your tasks more convenient for you. You can choose a long one to help you reach the gutter or high spaces. Narrow and tight spaces are no match for you if you have a good leaf blower! You can direct and point your leaf blower heavy duty attachments to the tight space and switch it on.

Move Comfortably While Collecting The Debris On Your Property With A Back Pack Blower

When you purchase Schröder's best commercial handheld leaf blower, you will get a durable and soft harness you can attach to your back pack blower making it more convenient for you to move around. This harness is very comfortable to wear and doesn't put too much stress and strain on your back, shoulders, and arms. It evenly distributes the weight on your back and shoulders without hurting them. Even though Schröder SR-9900X industrial backpack leaf blower is compact and ultra-light, if you carry it around in your arms for a few hours to a whole day, you will still get tired and your arms will hurt. But because of the harness, you can move around comfortably without any issues!

Inventive Uses Of A Back Pack Blower

Having a Schröder back pack blower at your disposal surely provides many benefits. Schröder's discount backpack leaf blowers are designed with a powerful engine that can withstand any job you need to finish. Also, the speed and strength of the air it produces are astounding and strong making it more convenient and easier for you to gather wet and dry debris in just a few minutes. However, this is not only the use and application of the best backpack leaf blower. You can use the best commercial gas leaf blower such as Schröder USA for other tasks aside from gathering and getting rid of those dried and wet leaves on your lawn, backyard, and garden! Here are a few:

How To Use Schröder Back Pack Blower

Safety Should Be Your #1 Priority Before Using Your Back Pack Blower

Top Tips On Using A Back Pack Blower

Always Plan Ahead Before You Switch On Your Schröder SR-9900X Back Pack Blower
It is very important to plan before you switch on your back pack blower. You can't just randomly point your leaf blower around and think after. Remember, you need to dispose of all the gathered wet and dry debris. If you don't have any plan in place, a simple task can be a tedious one.

Depending on the size of your property, you can position used tarps in specific locations on your property. The tarps will help you strategically dispose of all the gathered debris. Blow your leaf blower and gather the debris into the positioned tarp. When you are done, get the tarp and dispose of all the debris. The taps will scoop all the debris easily and quickly.
Focus Your Back Pack Blower In One Direction. Don't Try To Blow Every Single Leaf

Do not go moving around your back pack blower without any direction. Always move your leaf blower in one direction. This will make sure the leaves you are gathering will not be blown away into the portion you already worked at.

In addition, do not even try to blow away every leaf or debris you see. A backpack leaf blower is designed to gather heaps and multiple leaves and debris at a time. If you want to get rid of a few, you can just use a rake or pick them up.

Hold Your Back Pack Blower At A Shallow Angle And Use A Smooth Motion
If you hold your back pack blower at a shallow angle, you will be able to move more leaves and debris at a time. Position the nozzle of your leaf blower and switch it on. Use an attachment so you can move comfortably without lowering yourself.

Use smooth and broad back and forth motion to blow away more leaves and debris. Do not erratically move your backpack leaf blower around because it will be hard for you to control which direction your leaves will go. Always do smooth and even broad sweeps. You will see your leaves and debris easily go in the direction you want them to go.

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