8 Surprising Ways You Can Use a Backpack Leaf Blower

If you think a leaf blower’s job ends in clearing up leaves and debris in your yard and lawn, you might be surprised by what we’re going to tell you. A backpack leaf blower still has a lot to offer in all four seasons of the year, and we’ll cover that here. 

Not all leaf blowers are created equal, but here's a surprising list to see if you have the best backpack leaf blower for all these applications. Can your leaf blower handle all of this? If so, we have some good news for you. You are holding a fantastic tool that’s worth every penny. Here’s how to make the best out of it.

1. Use a backpack leaf blower for gutter cleaning

Like every part of your home, your gutter system needs to be maintained regularly. Not doing so will result in a clogged downspout from leaves or any kind of debris, along with a downward domino effect.

Gutters full of leaves and must be cleared with a Backpack Leaf Blower. Schröder USA

If there is no space for water to flow from your rooftop, it can lead to an overflowing of water accompanied by decomposing leaves and other issues. 

The worst scenario is having to replace the gutters because of the damages due to clogging. That is where a backpack leaf blower comes in to clean the gutters. All you need is a ladder to reach the roof while carrying a backpack leaf blower and start clearing it up. However, make sure you are familiar with using a leaf blower. Read the manual with it, or read our informative blogs for safety precautions.

2. Drying your car with a backpack leaf blower

If you have just newly washed your car and want it to dry fast, a backpack leaf blower can do the job. You don’t have to hand dry your car with a towel. You simply have to point the nozzle directly to the car and not on the ground so you can prevent spraying dirt on your car.

However, remember that the best backpack leaf blower tends to be powerful and noisy. Otherwise, using a leaf blower is a lot easier and faster than using a microfiber towel. 

3. Removing snow with a backpack leaf blower in the winter

Contrary to the belief that a backpack leaf blower is only used during spring and fall to clear leaves, did you know it can also clear out snow? It works far better than a shovel because you don’t have to lift the snow shovel yourself. Of course, even the best leaf blower has its limitation. 

Because snow is heavier than leaves, and because they’re not really made for this purpose, a leaf blower can only handle an inch thick light layers of snow or light snow in bushes. It also does not work well with wet snow, so you have to see the snow quality if you want to use a backpack leaf blower. The advantage of using it has the flexibility to reach surfaces without needing to plug into an electric socket.

Using a Backpack Leaf Blower to blow snow. Schröder USA

4. Using a backpack leaf blower in cars

Cleaning a car regularly is part of the responsibilities of owning a car. While others enjoy doing this task, others dread this chore. 

If you want to quickly clean your car in the fastest way possible, use the leaf blower on the lowest setting. For example, you can use it to clear dirt and debris on the flat deck of a truck. If used correctly, you’re saving tons of energy and time as you clean your car. 

5. Removing excess water with a backpack leaf blower

If you want to enjoy the outdoors after a wet day but it's taking too long for your deck to dry, a backpack leaf blower can be just what you need to clear puddles or rain on decks. You can blow away water from tables and chairs to get them ready for the evening without dealing with wet seats.

Blow water away with a backpack leaf blower. Schröder USA

6. Dryer vent cleaning with a backpack leaf blower

Most houses these days come with a dryer located away from the outside wall, and it’s inevitable to get clogged with objects getting stuck in its opening. This is because it would require a longer vent with curves creating nooks and crannies where lint gets stuck. Sometimes where animals, such as birds, hide too. 

If there’s one thing in the dryer vent that needs to be cleaned, it’s the lint trap that traps other objects, and if this is not cleaned, it leads to clogging. Before it reaches that phase, it is better to clean your dryer using a backpack leaf blower. 

7. Clearing dirt and debris from your roof with a backpack leaf blower

Sure, the leaves and moss on your roof seem harmless, but unfortunately, having too much weight on your roof may cause holes. These holes may lead to water damage so, it is better to maintain your roof regularly with the help of a backpack leaf blower. 

A leaf blower can also help you blow leaves from a low-pitched roof. For a high-pitched roof, it’s best to use an extended ladder and additional help in holding the ladder.

Leaves and moss removed with a backpack leaf blower. Schröder USA

8. Speed up the size of a fire with your backpack leaf blower

If you need to increase the size of a fire faster, the best way is to use a backpack leaf blower because the chemical activities that occur during in fire are aided by oxygen. However, you must ensure that you adjust the air speed before pointing it in a direction because if it’s too high, you might end up blowing ashes and embers all over the place. 

Always practice fire safety to prevent fires.

Backpack leaf blower safety tips to remember!

Operating a leaf blower does not require a certificate, but it is vital to read the manual to know how to use the leaf blower and what to expect. This is a powerful tool in the garden, however, because of its strengths and features, it also can do a lot of other things that require extra precaution. 

Here are some tips to take note of:

  • Remove all kinds of jewelry or loose clothing, such as scarves, as it has the possibility to get sucked by the machine. PPEs work great while operating a leaf blower. Tie your hair if you have long hair, and keep your face covered with goggles or a mask. 
  • At all costs, don’t leave a fully-operating leaf blower. Always make sure to turn it off before leaving it by itself on the ground. 
  • Check the wind direction because if it blows in the opposite direction, it might cause you to lose balance. 
  • After using, ensure that you store the leaf blower in a safe place away from minors.

Safety equipment for operating backpack leaf blower. Schröder USA

At Schröder USA, we provide powerful and quality products to make your tasks easier, which is all the more reason to invest in one. After all, you can use it beyond its main purpose for spring and autumn, plus more. Just keep in mind the extra precautions to take to make the best out of your backpack leaf blower.

If you are looking for a reliable leaf blower, a Schröder leaf blower offers amazing features that will allow you to do all the above. Get your leaf blower here.