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SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model SR-5700X 57cc

A reliable, powerful, and light leaf blower with backpack and exemplary features

SCHRÖDER SR-5700X features a powerful 57cc two-stroke engine that can produce up to 640 CFM and 230 MPH. This leaf blower with backpack has a compact and light design making it comfortable to use, even for hours!

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Item Weight 20 Pounds (9.07 kg)
Air Speed 230 MPH
Air Volume 640 CFM
Power Source Gas powered
Engine 57 cc, 2-stroke 3 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 oz / 1.3 L

Why Choose Schröder Leaf Blower With Backpack?

The Most Powerful And Reliable Leaf Blower With Backpack On The Market

Combining its compact design with a powerful two-stroke engine, the SCHRÖDER Backpack Leaf Blower Model: SR-5700X 57cc is designed and manufactured by German experts, known for making heavy-duty power tools for industrial use. 

SCHRÖDER SR-5700X features a powerful 57 CC two-stroke engine that can produce up to 640 CFM and 230 MPH. This powerful combination ensures that you can easily and quickly remove all those wet and dry leaves and debris blocking your driveway, pathway, garden, and backyard. With the extraordinary features of this leaf blower with backpack combined with comfortable straps and backrest, you can clear your property of all the fallen leaves and other debris in no time!

Affordable Leaf Blower With Backpack, Quickly Delivered And Shipped To Your Doorstep

Our goal is to make sure our services are convenient and our leaf blower with backpack is excellent and powerful. That is why Schröder USA provides quick and reliable shipping for all our valued customers! We collaborated with FedEx Air to transport and deliver your Schröder SR-5700X backpack model leaf blower in good working condition. Check your mobile leaf blower and give it a try; you'll be impressed by its powerful engine and compact and ultra-light body! Blowing dry or wet leaves will be a breeze! The pricing for Schröder landscape blower is competitive. When you compare the price to the features, design, and quality of the Schröder leaf blower, you will surely be amazed by how affordable it is!

"Reliable Blower! Not only does it perform well but for the price its outstanding."
John G. Florida

A Powerful Engine Packed In A Compact And Light Leaf Blower With Backpack

It might look heavy and hard to carry around, but in reality, SCHRÖDER SR-5700X weighs 20 lbs. To make it comfortable to carry, this gas leaf blower comes with a soft padded backpack harness and straps. It even comes with a cruise control throttle for added comfort. All the controls are within reach. No need to put down the unit to adjust the airflow and speed of this leaf blower! Additionally, It is a very efficient tool created to make your work efficient and hassle-free. It is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It’s very practical and truly the best backpack blower available on the market! This leaf blower with backpack will be your best cleaning helper.

"Real lite easy to use. Even the grand kids were able to walk around with it. At age 10 and 7 years old. Great power!"
kelly g.

Great Service, Quick Delivery, And A Powerful Leaf Blower With Backpack Are What We Offer

We want to make sure all our customers are satisfied with the lead blower with backpack as well as the services they received from us. That is why we have always had friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives on standby to answer all your questions regarding our services and leaf blowers. You may reach us through email, toll-free at 1-800-381-1406, or by filling out our contact form. When you purchase the Schröder SR-5700X backpack leaf blower, you get a 5-year commercial warranty guarantee! That is how confident and proud we are of our backpack leaf blowers! We also provide 45 days of FREE return delivery together with a full refund if you are eligible for a refund.

"I needed help with an issue and their tech support was fast to respond and get me going again. Thank you Schroder team."
Angel P.

Benefits Of Having Leaf Blower With Backpack

Quick And Easy Cleaning If You Use A Leaf Blower With Backpack

The main benefit of using a backpack leaf vacuum gas powered blower is that you save a lot of time and effort. Instead of spending hours raking and removing all the dry and wet debris from your lawn, yard, and garden, a leaf blower with backpack can do the job in just a few minutes! The best backpack leaf blower on the market can do this task quickly and easily.

The strain and stress in your arms and back will be substantially reduced when you use a Schröder leaf blower, making cleaning and maintaining your garden, backyard, and lawn more fun. It also comes with a variety of attachments so you don't have to bend your back or knees while cleaning.

Remove All The Grass On Your Lawn By Using A Leaf Blower With Backpack

Taking care of your grass is difficult. Trimming and tending to them will need a significant amount of time and effort. You can't just brush and remove the grass with a rake. It's not as efficient or effective as the best leaf blower like Schröder SR-5700X.

You can take care of the lawn without getting your hands dirty and sweating a lot if you use a backpack gas blower. In addition, using a 2-stroke backpack blower will be more comfortable and convenient unlike pulling the grass one by one or using a rake which is not always effective.

Blow Away The Debris In Narrow Spaces By Using A Leaf Blower With Backpack

The best backpack blower lets you reach even the most narrow and high places because of the many attachments that come with it when you buy a Schröder leaf blower with backpack, like SR-5700X. This does not only allow for far more effective and quick leaf gathering but also allows you to reach high areas such as gutters and garage and shed roofs. The oil gas mix for leaf blower can also help you reach complicated locations. Even small and light spaces are no match for the most lightweight backpack leaf blower.

Do Your Cleaning Comfortably And Quickly If You Use A Leaf Blower With Backpack

A leaf blower with backpack is more convenient and time-efficient than raking your backyard, garden, or lawn yourself. You won't have to contort your body to access those difficult-to-get places. In addition, you can move around freely since you can carry your lightweight backpack blower without any restriction on your movement. With all of the attachments included, you can easily reach difficult-to-reach spaces like your gutter.

Although a rake is simple to use, using it to clean your property will be too time-consuming and tiring, especially if you need to cover a wide, open space. It will take hours! But if you use the best leaf blower, you can clean wide, open spaces in just a few minutes.

Creative Uses Of A Leaf Blower With Backpack

A Schröder leaf blower with backpack is your best helper when it comes to cleaning dry and wet debris such as leaves, rocks, and more. It is the quickest way to gather and compile all the debris in one place and you can dispose of them easier. In addition, you can blow away all those stuck leaves and debris in your gutter to help rainwater flow freely. However, this is not the only way you can use a backpack leaf blower! Because you have the right gas oil mix for leaf blower, you can also use your leaf blower in different creative ways, such as the following:

The Right Leaf Blower Gas Ratio

7 Steps In Mixing Your Oil And Gas For Your Leaf Blower With Backpack

Follow these steps to make sure your leaf blower with backpack can function to its utmost potential:

  1. This unit uses only mixed fuel, 50:1 ratio
  2. Prepare the fuel mixture.
    Mix 2.6 oz of two-cycle fuel engine oil with 1 gallon of gas
  3. Using an approved container, fill half with gasoline
  4. Add 2-stroke oil to the mixture
  5. Add the remaining gasoline to the container
  6. Close the container and shake well
  7. Install the fuel container cap and wipe all off any spilled fuel

Make sure the tank cap of your leaf blower is tightly closed to avoid leaking.

5 Reminders When Storing Your Leaf Blower With Backpack

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