What To Look For in the Best Industrial Leaf Blower

Each fall, we witness the volume of leaves trees shed onto the ground, which will eventually become a headache when it’s time to clean. If you need a quick and affordable way to clean up aside from a rake, the best solution is to get the most powerful leaf blower. An industrial leaf blower is an efficient tool to quickly clean dirt, leaves, and debris in the fall, sandy decks in the summer, and light snow in the winter. The options are not limited to just leaves, and there are many other ways to use a backpack leaf blower.

Blowing leaves, dirt and debris with an industrial leaf blower. Schröder USA

There are numerous commercial leaf blowers on the market, ranging from a backpack gas leaf blower to a handheld leaf blower. What you need to get depends on how big your task is and your personal preference. There are many things to consider, but here’s a quick guide on what to look for in the best industrial leaf blower.

Purpose of the industrial leaf blower

Aside from keeping your landscape looking great, there are other reasons to clear fallen leaves.  Even a thin layer of leaves restricts sunlight and may cause shaded spots, which may result in bare patches in the spring. Additionally, if the leaves settle into a brown mush, they can make patios, walks, and steps slippery and unsafe.

This can be solved with a leaf blower! When choosing the best industrial leaf blower for you, it is important to understand its primary function. A leaf blower is a piece of gardening equipment that uses powerful air to move loose leaves, grass, and other yard debris from a nozzle to a specific area. It has a two-stroke or four-stroke engine that can be powered by a battery, electric motor, or gasoline engine depending on the type you choose.

Size and portability of the industrial leaf blower

Leaf blowers come in a variety of styles, including cordless, handheld electric, and handheld or backpack gasoline. Self-contained portable units or backpack gas leaf blowers with a handheld wand are the most common. 

Each has its own set of benefits, such as quicker cleaning of lawns, patios, and gardens, greater portability, and cost and time savings.

Types of leaf blowers

Handheld leaf blowers and backpack gas leaf blowers are the most common types of leaf blowers on the market that can come in electric or gas powered.

Handheld leaf blower

We'll start with cordless and handheld leaf blowers. A handheld leaf blower is the most basic and popular type of blower. If you have a small yard and merely want to cover places like your patio or driveway, these are ideal. CFMs of 200 to 400 is normal for cordless leaf blowers.

The blower is carried by its handle, making it incredibly portable and adaptable. They work well in small to medium-sized projects.

Man using portable industrial leaf blower. Schröder USA

Backpack gas leaf blowers

While gas-powered leaf blowers may seem excessive for a residential home, they are a useful tool to have. They're not only good for removing leaves, but they can even clear fresh and light snow.

The industrial leaf blower is commonly used in commercial environments but can be used in residential projects as well. Commercial leaf blowers with a CFM of up to 980 can be found at Schröder USA. If a leaf blower appeals to you, we recommend the best-selling Schröder SR-6400L 63.3 CC, one of the most powerful backpack leaf blowers. It is equipped with a 63.3 cc, 3.7 HP 2-stroke gasoline engine and produces an incredible 230 MPH airspeed and 920 CFM air volume output, effortlessly clearing all wet and dry material.

Maintenance of an Industrial Leaf Blower

These powerful machines also need to be correctly taken care of to make your leaf blower stands the test of time. Here are the best ways how to maintain your industrial leaf blower:

  • The air filter should be clean and in good working order. If you notice that it’s dirty, clean it with warm soapy water. Better to find a replacement if it's worn or old. 
  • Clean it regularly. Take some time after each leaf blower use to wipe it down with a damp towel. Ensure that the region around the air filter, the fan blades, and the carburetor are all tidy.
  • Check the hose if it is fractured or loose. If you see some parts of the gas leaf blower needing replacement, get them replaced.
  • Check the sound of the engine for any unfamiliar noises.
  • Keep your industrial leaf blower in a dry and secured place. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and away from potentially hazardous chemicals and anything that could ignite gasoline.

Where to buy an industrial leaf blower

There are plenty of leaf blower brands, but Schröder USA is committed to the highest quality and service, finding loyal customers from all parts of the world. Our goal was to design power tools for various residential and professional applications, as well as provide consumers with high-performance power tools in a portable size.

For additional information about industrial leaf blowers, please visit Schröder USA or contact us today for more on commercial leaf blowers!